A Fellowship Seeking Renewal

Current Situation

 In recent years our numbers have declined as regular members have moved to different communities and we have experienced losses in leadership. These and other factors have meant that our presence and influence in New Westminster has been reduced. However there continues to be a significant population in New West that could benefit from this support and we believe that the time has come for us to embark on a renewal of Agape’s ministry

Our Plan for Renewal

As a result, Agape is in the process of developing plans, recruiting new leaders and raising funds in order to revitalize our work in New Westminster. As a key part of this process, we have brought on Karl Johnston as a part time pastor of Agape Fellowship. With 10 years’ experience doing outreach among the homeless population in Vancouver plus 4 and ½ years working as an Associate Pastor of a church reaching out to persons with intellectual disabilities we believe that Karl is ideally suited to work with us.  We are praying that God will use Karl and other members of our ministry team to grow our supportive fellowship for the glory of Jesus Christ.